Enhancements in Documents / Scribd iPaper Plugin

Thursday February 23, 2012   |   News & Updates , Plugin Upgrades   |   Leave a Comment

We're glad to announce exciting enhancements in our Documents / Scribd iPaper Plugin. These enhancements further make Documents a more versatile feature of your website with more possibilities!

1) New Widgetized Documents Home page with many attractive widgets like "Featured Documents Slideshow", "Categories and Sub-categories Widget", "Categorically Popular Documents", Tabbed AJAX widget showing Recent, Most Popular, Random documents, etc. Provides a great landing page for documents of your community and can be easily managed from the Layout Editor.

2) Widgetized Document View page:
The Document View page has been made widgetized, thus giving you more flexibility in terms of content and widgets to be available on it.

3) HTML5 Document Viewer:
You can now enable the feature-rich HTML5 Document Viewer for documents on your site. Thus, the plugin now provides 2 viewers: Flash Viewer and HTML5 Viewer. Admin can choose the viewer type for documents on site. With this feature, documents of your site can also be viewed on devices that do not support Flash, like iPad.

4) Member's Profile Document:
If enabled by Admin, users will be able to choose a "Profile Document" from amongst their documents. Profile Document of a user will be showcased in a tab on their profile. The terminology "Profile Document" can be changed to anything of your choice. This feature can have multiple applications for users like showcasing latest resume on profile, recent artwork design, etc.

5) Category based Custom Fields:
You can now create different custom fields for different categories of documents on your site. Thus for example, you can have fields like Experience, Qualification for documents of category Resume, and Genre, Agency for documents of category Portfolio.

6) Sub-categories and 3rd level Categories:
You can now have a deeper and more granular categorization of documents on your site by enabling and creating Sub-categories and 3rd level categories.

7) Additional Filtering options in Search Form for Categories, Sub-categories and 3rd level Categories. Thus, users will be able to easily search and filter documents over these. This would be useful if there are many categories on your site for documents and you do not want to use the Categories side-widget for filtering.

8) Search Form Settings:
We understand that the search form is very important to enable users to be able to search for the right document. Search Form Settings enable you to choose which of the available search and filter fields should be shown in the form and what their sequence should be.

9) Document of the Day: This feature enables one document to be highly showcased for a day. This is admin configurable.

10) Sponsored Documents: Another way to highlight documents is by making them "Sponsored". Admin can mark documents as Sponsored which will then be showcased in the Sponsored Documents AJAX Carousel widget.

11) New Social Sharing Buttons (AddThis implementation): New social sharing buttons from AddThis enable sharing over many more networks. Admin can customize this to enter their own personalized AddThis code.

12) Many New Widgets:
- Ajax Based Recently Posted, Popular, Random, Featured and Sponsored Documents
- Categories, Sub-categories and 3rd Level-categories (main and sidebar)
- Categorically Popular Documents
- Document of the Day
- Featured Documents Slideshow
- Sponsored Documents Carousel
- Member's Profile Document
and more...

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We have more exciting announcements coming up. Stay tuned to our updates on this Blog, our Facebook Page and Twitter Feed!