Enhancements in Directory / Pages Plugin and its Extensions

Wednesday March 28, 2012   |   News & Updates , Plugin Upgrades   |   Leave a Comment

 We're back with another announcement of enhancements in "Directory / Pages Plugin" and its Extensions:

1) Recurring Billing Cycle for Directory Items / Pages:
The robust Packages functionality already enables monetization for your site with Paid Packages for Pages and feature differentiation between Packages.
With the new recurring billing cycle functionality, you can now choose recurring billing cycle over intervals of your choice for Page Packages. You can also set billing duration for packages.

2) Widgetized Home pages for Extensions:
The following content extensions for "Directory / Pages Plugin" now have their own widgetized Home pages which show collective content from Directory Items / Pages for that content type in an attractive manner, with many useful widgets:
- Photo Albums Extension
- Videos Extension
- Reviews and Ratings Extension
- Notes Extension
- Documents Extension
- Events Extension
- Music Extension

You can choose to place links for these pages in the Main Pages Navigation Menu, and manage them. You can also choose to place the respective links for these pages in your site header navigation menu or in any other menu of your choice.

This enhancement enables you to highlight those content types from Pages on your site that are important to your site's concept. Example, if Photo Albums and Reviews for Pages are important feature of your website, then you can choose to show the links for their Home pages in your Main Pages Navigation Menu.

3) Many New Widgets:
We have created many new widgets which make the Home pages of extensions useful and attractive. These widgets are highly configurable from the Admin Panel:

=> In "Directory / Pages - Photo Albums Extension"
- Featured Photos Carousel, Featured Albums Slideshow, Ajax based Tabbed widget for Photos, Ajax based Tabbed widget for Albums, Album of the Day, Photo of the Day, Top Creators: Page Albums, Most Liked Photos, Featured Photos, Most Commented Photos, Featured Albums, Popular Albums, Most Popular Photos

=> In "Directory / Pages - Videos Extension"
- Featured Videos Carousel, Featured Videos Slideshow, Ajax based Tabbed widget for Videos, Video of the Day, Popular Video Tags, Top Creators : Page Videos

=> In "Directory / Pages - Reviews and Ratings Extension"
- Featured Reviews Carousel, Featured Reviews Slideshow, Top Creators: Page Reviews

=> In "Directory / Pages - Notes Extension"
- Featured Notes Carousel, Featured Notes Slideshow, Ajax based Tabbed widget for Notes, Note of the Day

=> In "Directory / Pages - Documents Extension"
- Featured Documents Carousel, Featured Documents Slideshow, Ajax based Tabbed widget for Documents, Document of the Day, Page Profile Highlighted Documents, Top Creators: Page Documents

=> In "Directory / Pages - Events Extension"
- Featured Upcoming Events Carousel, Featured Upcoming Events Slideshow, Ajax based Tabbed widget for Events, Top Creators: Page Events, Event of the Day

=> In "Directory / Pages - Music Extension"
- Featured Playlists Carousel, Featured Playlists Slideshow, Ajax based Tabbed widget for Playlists, Music of the Day, Top Creators: Page Music

4) Highlighting quality content from Extensions:
Quality content from Page Extensions can be marked as Featured, and highlighted for a day. Such content can be showcased in respective widgets like Featured Videos Carousel, Featured Videos Slideshow, Video of the Day, etc.

5) Documents Extension - HTML5 Document Viewer:
With the "Directory / Pages - Documents Extension", you can now enable the feature-rich HTML5 Document Viewer for Page Documents on your site. Thus, the plugin now provides 2 viewers: Flash Viewer and HTML5 Viewer. Admin can choose the viewer type for Page documents on site. With this feature, Page documents of your site can also be viewed on devices that do not support Flash, like iPad.

We have more exciting announcements coming up. Stay tuned to our updates on this Blog, our Facebook Page and Twitter Feed!