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Well done!! You created an amazing piece of content (comprising text, image, audio or video). Now, want to give as much exposure as possible to your content? want to grow your website reach? want to build up user engagement over your website?


Here’s Advanced Share Plugin to get this done easily. Start spreading your content around the web using this plugin on social networking channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and many more.


Let your valuable piece of content reach hundreds of Friends and Followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and other Social Media channels.


This plugin quickly deploys the social sharing option on your website. With a variety of display types like Sticky social share buttons sidebar, Floating social share buttons sidebar, share fly-in, social share action buttons, simple share buttons, etc. your visitors can easily share the content on various social media channels of their choice.


Share content within and outside the community, via messages and email; enabling you to build up more website traffic and create a strong social presence online.



Want to know more? Let’s check out some of the use cases of this plugin:


1. Increased Social Sharing Capability Within Community


Now, you have more options to increase the reach of your posts. Go beyond just sharing posts on your profile, friend’s profile, via email or on different content types such as an event, group, blog and many more. Social sharing options outside your community have also, increased.


2. Increased Social Sharing Capacity Outside Community & Easy Tracking


Now, you have an option to increase the reach of your posts on more than 20 social channels. Well, you can also, Analyze Shared Statistics to see which page of your website is trending with more shares and on which Social Media Channel. This plugin has a very attractive and useful Statistics Section in its Admin Panel. Now, easily keep a track of your user’s engagement over time for each page


3. Awesome Widgets - Customize Design for Social Bookmarks


Whichever, widget you choose for displaying social sharing options, the design can be customized. Right from their placement to color patterns, number of choices to show, shape of the button, etc, can be composed as per your choice. If you want, labels can also be displayed with the icons.


4. Easy Messaging and Share via Email


Now, share content with friends, family, target audience who are not that social busy bees. You have an option to share content as a message. In addition to this, you can easily allow your users to share your website’s content via Email. It's a boon to target such audience who are not connected socially with the user.


5. Easily Share Content & Boost Your Social Following


Retaining social media followers is now simplified! Install this plugin and connect your community / website with the social world using amazing display features such as:


Sticky Social Share Sidebar: With the Social Sticky Sidebar give your user the ability to share any multimedia (comprising videos, posts, graphics, images, text) content on various social networking services from all the pages of your website. You can choose to place this widget in Right or Left sidebar on all the pages from admin panel.


Automatic Sharing Fly-Ins: Increase user engagement and add style to sharing your posts / content with Automatic Fly-ins on your website as these fly-ins:

○ Will automatically come as users scroll down the page.

○ Admin can choose to show the fly-ins in bottom right or bottom left corner of user’s screen.


Share Action & Simple Share Buttons: Simple but attractive share buttons can be placed anywhere on the page with either round or square shape buttons. Labels can be showcased with the buttons and color pattern to make it more appealing.


Incredible Opportunities Coming your Way


Grab it now!


What Comes Along? Have a look here:


Increased Google Ranking and Faster Indexing: Those links get indexed faster which are shared over social networking websites. Resulting in increased website ranking with more number of indexing and social existence.


Native Social Sharing from the Site: The native social sharing that comes straight from the website is more authentic, ad free, efficient and effective way to build trust of the members / users.


Get it Now! Or Upgrade your Advanced Share Plugin to take SocialEngine Community Website to the next level.


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