Enhancements in Advanced Activity Feeds / Wall Plugin

Thursday September 20, 2012   |   News & Updates , Plugin Upgrades   |   Leave a Comment

After the release of our new plugin: "Geo-Location, Geo-Tagging, Check-Ins & Proximity Search Plugin", we're excited to announce many enhancements in the "Advanced Activity Feeds / Wall Plugin" which will be very useful for your communities:

1) Advanced features for Activity Feeds: Very useful additional options are now available to users in the feed action dropdowns:

  • Save Feeds: Users can now save feeds to view and act on them later. Feeds saved by users are accessible via the "Saved Feeds" option in Feed filters. Users can also use this to bookmark feeds of actions that they like.
  • Disable Comments: Users can now disable comments on their posts.
  • Lock Feeds: Users can lock their posts from being shared.
  • Permalink for Feeds: All feeds now have their own permanent URLs. These feed links can be very useful if users want to share a feed that they like.

2) LinkedIn Integration: Just like the existing Facebook and Twitter integration in this plugin, the new LinkedIn integration enables users to see their LinkedIn feeds right on your site, as well as easily post updates to LinkedIn. Useful features like auto-loading of new feeds, AJAX refresh, dis-connect, etc are also available.

3) Networks Based Feeds Filtering: A new option has been added for Feeds Filtering. There was already a "Friends" option which enabled users to see only those feeds from their friends. Users can now also choose to see feeds from members belonging to their networks by clicking on the "My Networks" option. Admin can enable / disable this.

4) New Action link for "Directions" in Info Tooltips: This action link is shown in mouse-over Info Tooltips for these content having location: Directory Items / Pages (from "Directory / Pages Plugin") and their Events, Businesses ("Directory / Businesses Plugin"), Listings ("Listings / Catalog Showcase Plugin"), Recipes ("Recipes Plugin"), Events and Classifieds. Clicking on this link will show to users in an attractive lightbox having map, the plotted directions from their current location to the content's location. Slide-able instructions are also provided for directions. Users can change the starting location from which directions should be shown. Users' current location is auto-detected.

5) "Share Location": Users can add location to their status update posts. Locations added appear in posts starting with: "- at". Locations are attractively auto-suggested to users based on their current location, past tagged location, matching locations, etc. (requires "Geo-Location, Geo-Tagging, Check-Ins & Proximity Search Plugin").

6) "Add Friend" link in sign-up feeds: The feeds for new user sign-ups now contain an "Add Friend" link, thus enabling members to easily send friend requests to such users.

7) Grouping of Activity Feeds: Till now, only the activity feeds for birthday wishes to users were grouped. Now, the activity feeds for Tagging friends in photos, users becoming Friends, "Like" activities (when users Like something) will also be grouped. Grouping of "Like" activity feeds is dependent on the FREE "Likes Plugin and Widgets".

8) Quick and Attractive Commenting on Activity Feeds:

  • Quick posting of comments on activity feeds, just by pressing the "Enter" key.
  • Emoticons / Smileys are shown in comments when their symbols are entered (admin configurable).

These enhancements make commenting on activity feeds fun and interactive.

9) Add Friends to status updates from Mobile: Users can now also "Add Friends" while posting their status updates from their mobile. Feeds generated for such updates will be similar to the feeds in the Full Site. Added friends get notification updates and emails.

We hope you and your communities will enjoy these enhancements. Stay tuned for our upcoming release announcements!