Enhancements in Advanced Activity Feeds / Wall Plugin

Tuesday March 20, 2012   |   News & Updates , Plugin Upgrades   |   Leave a Comment

 We're glad to announce enhancements in "Advanced Activity Feeds / Wall Plugin" which further enhance the usability and experience of this plugin on your community:

1) "Scroll to Top" Button: This feature makes it easier for users to navigate through Activity Feeds on your community and enhances user experience. As a user scrolls down to see more Activity Feeds on a page, the "Scroll to Top" button nicely slides out from the bottom-right side of the screen, enabling user to easily move to the top. Admin can enable / disable this for an Activity Feeds location.

2) Editing Privacy for Status Update Posts: Users can now change the privacy for their old status update posts from their profile. This ability is admin configurable.

3) Retaining User's Privacy Preference for Sharing of Status Update Posts: Whenever users choose a sharing privacy option for their status update post, then that preference is saved for them, such that when they want to do a status update next time, their previous sharing privacy option comes pre-selected, which they can change if they wish. This provides great convenience to users and an assurance that their update will not be accidentally shared with unintended people.

4) Posting Status Updates with "Everyone" Privacy: Earlier, users were not able to choose the "Everyone" privacy option for their status update posts if site admin had chosen "My Friends & Networks" or "My Friends" for the "Feed Content" Activity Feed Setting, which is a setting for viewing activity feeds on Member Homepage. This has now been changed. Members can now post their update to "Everyone" independent of the Feed Content setting, and such an update will be visible to Everyone on those members' profiles. This can further increase sharing activities and interaction on your communities.

5) Upload Profile Photo using Webcam: The "Welcome" functionality enables users to quickly familiarize and grow their network in your community, thus helping in converting signups to frequent logins. In the "Upload Profile Photo" widget amongst the pre-built widgets, users can now add their profile photo using their webcam.

6) Count Setting for number of Auto-Loads of old Activity Feeds: Auto-loading of old Activity Feeds on pages with them caused users to miss the footer links. You can now choose from administration if desired, a count for the number of times that auto-loading of old activity feeds should occur.

7) Linking of Facebook and Twitter accounts: If you have enabled login or publish from the "Facebook Integration" and "Twitter Integration" sections of the Admin Panel of your website, then from the Facebook and Twitter tabs of Advanced Activity Feeds, user site accounts will also now be linked to their Facebook and Twitter accounts respectively.

We have also fixed some minor bugs that were found.

We hope that you enjoy these enhancements. There are lots of exciting developments coming up. Please stay tuned to our updates from our Blog, Facebook Page and Twitter Feed.