How can you build your own website like Facebook?

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The huge success of Facebook has inspired many entrepreneurs to chase their dreams. Social networking websites have now become the most integral part of our day to day life. Though the concept of Social Networking is simple, but having right set of tools to build your network is of utmost important. You must have seen so many Social Networking websites sprouting in the recent times, everyone has a requirement of creating networking websites based on the niche they choose, best suited for their business idea. Facebook is one of the most widely used Social Networking Platforms offering amazing features and functionalities like status updates, page and event creation, news feed, sharing of multimedia files, search friends and many more. As many of you would be looking to create a website like facebook, this blog will serve you as a guide for creating a website like Facebook, without much of an effort.



What all you need?

Most of the readers would be wondering, what exactly do I need?

Well you only need the following three things to get your website up and running:

● Facebook Clone Package

● SocialEngine License

● Hosting


SocialEngine is (CMS Critic’s) award-winning social networking software for easily building your own social network or social media website -- SocialEngine helps connect people to you and each other.


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What all do you get in the Facebook Clone Package?

A set of amazing plugins, theme, extensions that will help you in building your own website just like Facebook on SocialEngine CMS. Plus you get some additional features which makes your website more feature rich and engaging. Let’s have a look on some of the contents in this package:


  • ● Facebook Clone Theme:“Facebook Clone Theme” is a well designed crisp theme developed keeping Facebook look in mind. It comprises of many unique widgets to give your website a complete look and feel same as Facebook. To read more about this theme, read our blog.
    • Navigation Drawer
    • Layout Scroll
    • Explore
    • Shortcuts & Bookmarks
    • Recent Login



  • Let’s have a quick look on some of the notable features built using the plugins in the Facebook Clone Package.
    • Easy to use Admin Panel
    • Easy to use Layout Editor
    • Drag & Drop widgets on your page
    • Run Advertisements to monetise your website
    • 100% responsive theme for Mobile Compatibility
    • Create Blogs, Forums, Poll, Events, etc
    • Animations
    • Posting Feeds with Attractive Backgrounds
    • Single Product Advertisement / Sell Something
    and much more…


Some Additional Benefits:

  • Get your own Branding
  • Choose your own color scheme for the website
  • Drag & Drop widgets on your page
  • Run Advertisements to monetise your website
  • Enable / disable features
  • Site tours
  • Social Sharing

and much more…


To explore the complete offerings of this package, visit Facebook Clone Package page.


Checkout the demo website setup using the Facebook Clone Package for SocialEngine.


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