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In today’s age, Digitally enabled businesses continuously strive towards higher efficiency and staying relevant to customers. Enabling smooth, engaging communication amongst various people associated with your business, like customers, members, service providers, etc, can reap many benefits.


Our friends at provide a real-time, peer-to-peer communication platform that can be leveraged by businesses of various types for growth. Their feature-rich, scalable platform provides you the right tools with reliable support, and can be integrated within your existing website and apps.


Channelize’s new release contains many new features and enhancements that can make big impact on your growth. In this release, they've focussed on making communication amongst your members natural and free-flowing.


Video and Voice Calling - First 10,000 minutes per month FREE


Increasing Users Engagement in your business is paramount for Channelize Team. Their Messaging experience has always been great to make more peer-to-peer users engagement. With the launch of new Video and Voice Calling feature they have geared towards taking the users engagement to the next level.

In coming months, more features around Video & Voice Calling will be developed by


Quote / Reply Messages


Many times users in busy, long conversations would want to answer a message which is not the immediate one or exists somewhere earlier in the conversation.

This new feature promises to be especially useful in such busy group and one-to-one conversations, where it might not be obvious which member of the group – or even which message – you are answering.

Tap “Reply” and the pre-built Channelize real-time messaging interface will generate a small preview of the selected message above the compose box, at the bottom of the screen. The sent reply will include a colorful thumbnail of the selected message.


Tag / Mention Group Members


Tag / Mention Group Members enables users to tag a particular person in the group by adding the @ symbol in front of their name. It works in a similar way to how you tag people on other popular Social Networking and Messaging Apps.

* This feature is not rolled out in our pre-built iOS user interface yet.


Improved API Security

Channelize messaging APIs are now more effective at protecting the content of messages, and member authentication. They've completely revamped API authentication.


Enhancements in Android Interface

Their pre-built Android interface enables you to launch real-time communication features fast in your Android App, using it's Channelize Messaging API. In addition to the above new features, they’re also releasing the below enhancements in this:

- New typing indicator

- New Swipe view to see Date and Time of a message in conversation screen

- Conversation Screen Header improvements

- Under-the-hood bug fixes and stability improvements


Enhancements in Web & iOS Interfaces

  • Crushed some bugs and polished the messaging experience.



Check Channelize Demos

To experience Channelize in real world with all these enhancements in action, please click below for Web, iOS or Android demos:


Web (Check out the message feature on the bottom right corner of screen)

Android (Click on the 3rd button below the search bar to explore messaging)

iOS These features are in Alpha Testing. Will get live later this week (Click on the 3rd button on the bottom of your screen to explore messaging) 

[ Login using these Dummy Accounts to Test: / qwerty and / qwerty ]



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Channelize just loves getting feedback. :)


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