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What's new on SocialEngineAddOns!

SocialEngine 4 Plugin releases in the last month

The last one month from mid-October onwards has been very exciting and hectic.

New SocialEngine Themes!

We're excited to release 2 excellent SocialEngine Themes: 1) Sparkling Night Theme   2) Blue Tide Theme   These excellent themes will give your users a great experience, and will grea

New Features in Suggestions / Recommendations Plugin

We're excited to release new features in the Suggestions / Recommendations Plugin . Users can now suggest content of any content type (from the 9 SocialEngine Plugins) easily from the main pages of these content.

New Feature in People you may know / Friend Suggestions & Inviter Plugin

We have just released a new feature in the People you may know / Friend Suggestions & Inviter Plugin. Users can now see a "Suggest to Friends" link on their Friends' Profiles, enabling them to suggest their friends to their other friends.

Last few plugin releases for SocialEngine 4

We've been working hard on releasing our quality plugins for SocialEngine4.

We're Back!

We're back on this blog and will make sure to keep this updated. You will find on this block our announcements for new plugin releases, plugin upgrades, SocialEngine tips, etc.