AWS 24/7 Support Services is AWS Consulting Partner and has a team of AWS Certifed Engineer to ease your server worries. We will be managing the AWS Server and other AWS services configured on the sever. You will see Reduced Cost & Increased Server Productivity with the support of our team of certified AWS engineers.

Amazon Web Services provided a host of services which can be deployed to build secure and scalable applications. Innovative yet, simplified implementation, next-level security, durable storage, low cost compute, high performance database and tools to manage these resources are few of the solutions provided by AWS. can leverage it’s expertise as you navigate your business in its journey towards cloud and accelerate your business’s growth with our services, consulting, solutions, and products.

Our mission is to provide a professional and trusted cloud computing platform and services that will assist businesses and non – profit organizations in operating sustainably. We will provide trusted and reliable cloud computing business solutions in combination with our own business backgrounds, and deliver valuable services in a timely and cost-effective way.

Why choose to Manage your AWS Server?

  • Overall Billing will be Reduced by atleast 10%
  • Execution of best practices for maintaining the infrastructure
  • Handle Vulnerabilities & Reduce risk
  • Assure security, and disaster management backup solutions
  • Manage AWS infrastructure
  • Weekly Evaluation & Reporting
  • Security Audits
AWS Consulting Partners

What Is Covered?

Our 24/7 AWS Support offers various services organised into 2 sets, ‘One-time Setup Tasks’ and ‘Monthly Tasks’.

Services which will be carried out under these have been listed below:

Server Configurations
  • Choosing the best and cost effective EC2-instance & RDS Server
  • Improve the loading and response time of website, by implementing Load-Balancer and Auto-Scaling.
  • Use S3 Bucket with unlimited storage for website images.
  • Setup AWS CloudFront with S3.
Storage and Caching
  • Standardized caching techniques like : CloudFront, Edge location caching to deliver dynamic and static website content with best configuration as per the website requirements.
  • Caching of huge Databases using Elastic cache i.e redis cache or memcached cache to provide seamless database queries response.
  • Take advantage of unlimited storage to store scheduled automatic backup of website & database.
  • Configuring APCu and Opcache on the server to improve the website caching.
Website Security
  • Amazon VPC Setup Setting up VPC with private & public subnets to ensure the highest secured architecture implementation.
  • AWS WAF Service Firewall which filters out malicious traffic and protect from common web exploits, provides controlled access to the content by defining customizable web security rules.
Measuring Performance

We will focus on the following aspects to improve the performance of your website.

  • Website Response Time
  • Website Speed
  • Website Score
  • Website Down time
  • Business Email Setup
  • Monitoring
Load Management
  • We will make sure that the system automatically divides the incoming traffic and scales the resources to meet the traffic requirements and at the same time also ensure that the correct number of EC2 instances are available to handle the load of your application.
  • We will also test to what extent the system can handle the load and then prepare resources to ensure smooth delivery of data requested.
Billing Optimization

Get a well defined AWS billing estimation to reduce the monthly billing from our Cloud Solution Experts in applying below methods:

  • Using of AWS reserved instance efficiently.
  • Choosing the right machine to avoid excess instance resource.
  • Using the AWS Cloud Watch.
Monitor Instance and Resources being utilised

Setup alarms for increased

  • Website CPU Utilization
  • Storage Consumption / Low disk space
  • High bounce rates / compliance rates


We’ve proposed a simple pricing structure for lending a helping hand to our clients and providing them with the required support.

  • One-Time Setup/Tasks:
    A one-time fee for doing best possible server configurations, it is inclusive of 1st month recurring fee.
  • Monthly Setup/Tasks:
    You will be charged a recurring fee of $75 from 2nd month on-wards.

AWS Consulting Partner

Custom Plans

DevOps Focused

24/7 Support

Proactive & Dynamic Support

  • 24/7 Support Desk (Standard SLA)
  • AWS certified Engineers
  • Deep Bench of Expertise
  • Architectural Guidance / Suggestions
  • Designated Technical Assistance
How to start with this service?
After purchasing the service, please send us an email here:
What will be the mode of contact?
After receiving an email from your end, our AWS Certified Engineer will contact you, a call will be scheduled explaining the whole process.
Which services / tasks will be performed under this?
The tasks listed under 'What is Covered' section will be performed. Any Website related issues (issues which might occur due to some plugin functionality), Code Development, Debugging Custom Software, Database Query Adjustments are not covered.
The tasks listed under One-time Tasks are already configured on my sever, I would only like to opt for monthly server management?
In this case, we will not charge one-time fee from you and will provide you a customised cost after analysing the present server configuration, for this please contact us.
Does One-time setup include recurring fee for 1st month?
Yes, One-time setup includes 1st month recurring fee.