Monitor AWS Instance: CloudWatch Alarms

AWS provides most reliable, scalable and flexible way for setting up servers quickly and easily. For running a website on an AWS server smoothly, a monitoring solution is required to ensure that everything on the AWS server is working perfectly.


Amazon Web Services provides a great feature called 'Amazon CloudWatch' for monitoring AWS cloud resources and the applications that run on your AWS server. 


Under this service we will set alarms for increased CPU utilisation, low disk space, high bounce rates / compliance rates and AWS instance billing.

Price: $19

CPU Utilisation of the Amazon EC2 instance deployed, the Available Disk Space, Reputation and Billing alarms are necessary to monitor to, ensure instance up-time and health. These key metrics are important to keep track of your instance performance.

Increased CPU Utilisation & Low Disk Space: Website Downtime can have a detrimental effect on your SocialEngine Community. No matter how riveting, robust your website is, if your website gets down often, the efforts laid down by you in creating an exceptionally great website will be of no avail.

  • Your Search Engine Rank will deteriorate.
  • The User Experience will suffer.
  • The brand will lose Credibility.
  • You will observe low profits.

Reputation Alarm: Increased ‘Bounce Rate’ and excessive ‘Complaint Rate’ can effect the deliver-ability of your messages which may directly result in decreased reach-ability of your website’s content. This may also led to termination of the account to prevent the emails from being sent.

Billing Alarm: Anticipating the monthly costs of the AWS instance can sometimes be tricky. Amazon CloudWatch allows to monitor the estimated AWS charges. Under this, a threashold value is set and an alarm triggers when the account billing exceeds the specified threshold value.

But, you need not worry here as, our Cloud Solution Engineers will come to your rescue. We will work on configuring alarms to trigger an alert state whenever:

  • CPU utilisation reach the threshold value
  • Available Disk Space is Low
  • Bounce Rates / Complaint Rates of the emails sent via Amazon SES reach levels
  • AWS Billing reach the threshold value

Details Required for Service

We will require the below information from you to proceed with the setup and installation. Please send these to us via a Support Ticket from your Client Area after purchasing this service:

  • AWS Account Login
    • Email
    • Password
  • Your site URL

**For setting up 'Reputation Alarm', you should have AWS SES Service setup on your AWS EC2 instance.**

What are you thinking for? Go for this service and keep your SocialEngine Community rolling.