New Release: Lazy Loading Images – Page Speed Optimization Plugin To Speed-up Your SocialEngine Website Pages Loading

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Lazy Loading Images means loading images on your website asynchronously. In other words, loading images and other content on your web page at different times.

Basically, this means that when a user visits your website, the content gets loaded with initial page load and the images are loaded when user accesses / demands it or It can be stated as “ images are loaded when they come into view on the user’s screen”.

Lazy Loading Images- Page Speed Optimization helps to improve the loading time of your website pages by “On Demand Loading”. With lazy loading, pages are created with placeholder images which are replaced with actual images when user accesses them.



Features and Benefits of the plugin:
  • Page Speed Optimization:- The plugin helps in reducing page load time by loading the images when demanded / needed. This helps in optimizing the page load speed and improving the website performance.
  • On-Demand Loading:- The plugin delays the loading of the images until the point where user demands / needs them. Thus, unnecessary loading of images is avoided which helps to save memory bandwidth.
  • Good User Experience:- Through lazy loading of images, the page load speed increases, thus user don’t have to wait for longer to view a page. So, it provides good user experience and results in increased user engagement.
  • Improves Ranking:- Speed is an important ranking factor, so, as the improved web pages speed improves, the ranking also improves.
  • Load of Content Before Images:- Normally when a user opens a webpage, the content and images of the page are loaded at the same time, but with the help of the plugin, content is loaded before images when the page loads initially.
  • Cost Reduction:- A lazy loaded image is never loaded until the user accesses / demands it. This helps in reducing the total bytes delivered on a page which is responsible for cost reduction.

So anything that can speed up your web pages is definitely worth adding to your site and experimenting with.


For more details, please refer to the plugin page: Lazy Loading Images - Page Speed Optimization

Demo URL:


This plugin is certified now, so purchase it directly from SocialEngine Marketplace by clicking here.


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