Website Guardian - Helps in Empowering Your Web Identity !

Your website reflects your community and brand thus, keeping it updated, bug-free and optimised is of great importance. Users like browsing website which abides by the latest trends, updated content, seamless browsing is what attracts more traffic and more traffic means high return on investment.
We can help you out to keep your website alive, refreshed along with improved SearchEngine rankings.

Price: $899

Website Guardian - Helps in Empowering your web identity !

An immaculate website performs at its peak, give optimised results and serves its purpose well. We are offering a well laid out procedure for giving a clean, refreshed, look and feel to the website.

Salient Features

When it comes to keeping a website alive, it doesn’t simply means fixing bugs, it encompasses a lot more like timely backups, examining vulnerabilities, keeping it up-to-date, updating the content etc. all these points requires timely checkups. These concerns have been encapsulated below:

Dedicated Support Manager

A dedicated manager will be allocated who will work exclusively for your website. Dedicated manager will be the point of all communication and will give the response time that you want.

Communication Without Delay

You will be in direct touch with the allocated resources via Skype or any other medium so, things will be communicated fast without any delay.

No Need of Support Subscription

There is no requirement of subscribing to any of our support subscriptions as the benefits of all enlisted support services will be provided under this service.

Fixing Errors

Checking log files to assure none of the user end functionality is broken and provided features are working as desired.

Checking On Regular Backups

Timely backups are important to cope up with issues such as website crash, drive failures, disk crashing, data loss. 

A/B Testing

Improved content engagement, reduced bounce rates, reduced risks, maximum efficiency etc. is a result of A/B testing. We will target the available resources to yield maximum output and a report will be shared for the same.

Website Speed

Speed is a very important factor, users tend to leave website which is slow. We will provide timely suggestions on speed improvements.

Checking for Broken Links | 404 errors

It's important that all the links work and redirect well, broken links give 404 errors and few links give users a ‘page not found’ message degrading the user experience.

Managing Content

Updated and managed content is the main reason for members to keep coming back, search engine ranking also gets improved with up-to-date content.

Performing Updates

Updates offer new features and bug fixes. Doing the required upgrades timely will keep the software up to date.

Browser Compatibilities

Website appears differently in different browsers. We will make sure the website runs fine in every aspect of commonly used browsers.

Spamming Reports

Spams can reduce the overall SEO ranking affecting your business adversely. We will be monitoring the website for all such activities and will work on eliminating the same.

Weekly Growth Report

Website traffic growth is a metric measuring the increase/decrease in the visitors. We will be sharing the report over a week span and will provide required suggestions.

Abuse Report Tracking

The content which has been reported abusive, offensive etc. will be analysed so as to have only genuine and quality content on the website.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps to measure effectiveness of content of the website, user expericence, peformance on multiple devices and the marketing strategies. This will optimize your business and will increase revenue generation.

Checkout Processes

We will make sure various checkouts like add to cart, upgrading subscription etc. are working fine so as to avoid churn.

Providing Suggestions for Improvements

Timely suggestions like changing text for better SEO, enhanced display, adding any new functionality, etc. will be provided for improving the website.


We will make sure basic website features like posting updates, signups, filling up of forms, content creation, uploading of photos/videos etc. are functioning well.

Missing Images

Users hate broken images and you would definitely not like your users to have such an experience on your website, we will help you in fixing up the missing images.

Upgrading Mobile Apps

Owning an updated mobile app for your business is of great importance. We will keep a check on functions like push notifications, signups, timely updates for new features/bug fixes.


We will make sure important emails like signup mails, verifications mails, forgot password mails etc. are being sent out fine and it will also be checked that emails should not be received in spam folder.

Why to opt for the 'Website Guardian' service?

If you expect that your website should run radically better each coming day then it becomes necessary to keep it prime and proper.

  • Keeps your website running without any issues
  • One Point of Communication for all your website concerns
  • Improves the brand image
  • Offers bug and browser incompatibilities removal
  • Increase user engagement
  • Up-to-date Content & Software on the Website
  • Improved SearchEngine Rankings
Many more...

How we Do it?

  • Site Examination

  • Intensive Testing

  • Reports Analysed

  • Website is Accurate & UpToDate

Terms & Conditions

  • Dedicated manager will be available from 10AM - 7PM IST (GMT+5:30)
  • The service will be provided on monthly basis.
  • You will be in direct contact with the allocated manager via Skype.
  • For speed related concerns, timely suggestions will be provided. Implementation of any server related configuration is not included.
  • Customization requests will not be covered. Any new feature implementation will not be a part of this service.
  • New integrations released for apps will not be included.
  • Mobile Apps will be upgraded twice only in a month.
  • New content creation is not included.
  • For hosting other than AWS, we can communicate with hosting provider on your behalf.
  • Browser compatibility checks will be done with the latest version of commonly used browsers only (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE).

Details Required:

  • Website Admin Details

    Website URL



  • FTP or SSH Details:

    FTP Host / SSH Host:

    SSH Port:

    FTP Username / SSH User (Root Access):

    FTP Password / SSH Password:


Why do I need to opt for this service? An updated website is important for retaining users, high seo rankings, improved brand image / brand awareness to get a good return on your investment and most importantly to maintain websites' value.

How can I communicate with you guys? The dedicated manager will cater to your needs and will be in touch via Skype.

What if I require any additional changes which are not listed under this plan? In this case, you may convey your requirement to the allocated resource and we will get back to you with full details on time and cost estimation.

Can I avail this plan on multiple websites? No, you cannot avail the same service for multiple websites. If you want this service for multiple websites then you need to purchase it separately for each website.

Is this service applicable for only newly setup websites or can you work on existing ones also? This service can be availed for the newly setup website as well as running / old websites.

Can I opt this service for only SocialEngine based website or can I opt for other kind of websites as well? This service is mainly designed for SocialEngine based website, but if you want to avail this service for other platform websites, please contact us.

Any query still left to answered, please feel free to contact us.