Setup Your Staging Environment - Evaluate Before Going Live

Worried about getting your live website messed up on performing upgrades, doing some installation, some customization, etc.? Setup up a staging environment and free yourself from such problems. This service lets you have a staging environment setup for your live website, where you can perform any operations and test them fully before making them live to avoid any issues.

Price: $149

Evaluate Everything Before Going Live !

What is Staging and Why it is a must?

A staging website is a clone of the live website, but it works independently of the live site. It’s a must for all website owners:

  • To always keep the live website operational & immaculate
  • To ensure no downtime
  • To avoid issues that come up on doing plugin / theme upgrades, code customization etc.

Salient Features of Staging Website

  • Testing Of Upgrades

    If you need to upgrade any plugin or theme on your website, then first do the upgrade on the staging website, so issues existing in the upgrade are detected in the development environment itself and no harm is caused to the production site.

  • Avoiding Fatal Errors

    If any change (upgrade, code change, new plugin installation) can cause a fatal error on the live website, so that will also cause the error on the staging website and you can fix that issue on staging only to prevent the same on live site.

  • A Place to do Quality Assessment

    QA process is much important to figure out the bugs / errors that are missed during development phase of a product. But, testing of each and every setting can take time and can cause errors, so stagings are best place to do QA of products.

  • Testing Compatibility Of New Plugins

    New plugins can be installed on staging first to check if they are fully compatible with your website’s other plugins and theme. After compatibility is tested thoroughly, the plugins can be installed on the live website.

  • Testing of Technology Changes & Upgrades

    If you are planning to change or upgrade the technology used on your website, then doing it first on staging can prevent any major issues.

  • Build Prototypes of New UI designs

    UI developers get place to build prototypes for new suggested designs or features. They can just create the designs, do not need to put many efforts in demonstrating the designs to teammates.

  • Test Ground for Developers

    Developers get a ground for testing anything like any new code customization & integration without worrying about errors that can affect the business reputation.

  • Easy and Cost-Effective Setup

    Stagings are usually simple to set up and also it does not cost you much, so, it’s better to invest some time on setting them up rather than investing a lot of time on fixing issues directly on the live website and risking your brand reputation.

  • Creates Tension Free Environment

    Suppose a developer does some code customization that leads to a major error on live site, so it becomes very urgent for the him to fix that error and he cannot postpone it even if he has some other priority tasks too. Having staging set up can prevent such situations to max possible.

Major Advantages of Having a Staging Website

  • Zero Downtime

    Having a Staging Website ensures that everything that is deployed to a live website is free of bugs and hence results in zero fatal errors and no downtime.


    Increased Productivity

    With Zero Downtime, your website saves those hours that might have been lost in solving fatal errors, so the productivity is increased.

  • Increase in Reputation of your Website

    With Staging set up, you get an always operational and immaculate website that helps in building the trust of your users in you and hence increase your business reputation.


    Improved Search Engine Ranking

    Downtimes cause a decrease in Search Engine Ranking, so, with staging setup, you can prevent this to happen.

  • Prevents Fingerpointing between Teammates

    If anything wrong happens in a live website, then it usually leads to fingerpointing between developers, QAs and testers. Having a staging setup can prevent such situations.


How it Works?

  • 01

    Provide Us Details

    You just need to provide us your server details.

  • 02

    Set Up Staging

    We’ll then set up the staging for you on the server of your website.

  • 03

    Provide you with Details

    After set up, we’ll share with you the details of your staging website.

Details Required:

After you purchase this service from us, please file a support ticket to us mentioning below details to let us start working on your staging setup:

  • Website Admin Details

    Website URL



  • FTP or SSH Details:

    FTP Host / SSH Host:

    SSH Port:

    FTP Username / SSH User (Root Access):

    FTP Password / SSH Password:


Where will be the staging set up done? We’ll set up the staging on the server of your website. Or if you have any server space issue, then you can refer Amazon Web Services (AWS) Free Tier to setup your staging website absolutely FREE for one year. Explore the range of free products and services from AWS by simply clicking here.

Is there any specific requirement for setting up a staging website for my website? A staging is an exact replica of the live website, so all plugins on the live site need to be installed on the staging as well. So, please make sure that the plugins installed on your website allow themselves to be used on the development website (which is not available publicly) too along with main website.
You need to make sure that your staging site must either be in Maintenance mode or in a password protected directory as it cannot be publicly accessible.

Can I avail this plan on multiple websites? No, you cannot avail the same service for multiple websites. If you want this service for multiple websites then you need to purchase it separately for each website.

Can I opt this service for only SocialEngine based website or can I opt for other kind of websites as well? This service is mainly designed for SocialEngine based website, but if you want to avail this service for other platform websites, please contact us.

Any query still left to answered, please feel free to contact us.