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Mobile Apps require constant improvements and adaptability plays an important role in the success. Describing the Dark Mode design to our Mobile Apps as a “distraction-free environment that’s easy on the eyes — in every way”. Dark Mode provides the whole new experience to the apps and gives users a Rick Look Feel as it boosts the design of the Apps. The purpose of this service is to provide our customers with a choice of designs and make them feel more comfortable, less tired and more focused while using it.

Price: $159

Dark Theme changes the color scheme of your phone or application. The light background becomes dark and dark texts change to the light color while maintaining the minimum colour contrast ratios required for readability. It's usually designed as a supplement mode for the default(light) mode. Dark Theme gives users a Rich Look Feel and boosting the UI experience with a minimalist and elegant design.

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1. How do we get started with Dark Theme Service in Mobile Apps?
You will need to get your apps upgraded with Dark Theme Feature. Contact our Support Team by filing a Support Ticket.
2. Why is Dark Theme is not supported in the App?
The Dark Theme app supports all apps that have Dark Theme. If an app is not turning dark that means the app does not have the Dark Theme.
3. My screen has an orange tint since activating the Dark Theme, Why is that?
Due to the configuration of phone manufacturers, Usually switching to Dark Theme only affects your apps, but not your screen.
4. Does Dark Theme Improve performance?
Yes Dark Theme improve the speed, Performance of the mobile.
6. What is the purpose of the Dark Theme?
The Purpose of the Dark Theme  is to give users a Rich Look Feel and boosting the UI experience with a minimalist and elegant design.

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