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There has been exponential increase in the number of people using Mobile Phones and hence growing the prerequisite for Websites to target customers on Mobile Devices. Transforming your website into a Mobile / Tablet Plugin - Progressive Web Apps is the smartest, quickest and most capable way to reach out to a wider audience and grow your traffic.

Therefore, SocialEngineAddOns has now got a new plugin "Mobile / Tablet Plugin - Progressive Web Apps" for you.

Quick Highlights of this Plugin and its Numerous Benefits:

  • App Like Experience: Users can get App like experience of the website.
  • Quick Loading Speed: Loading pace of your website is higher in PWA mode.
  • Add Icon to Homescreen: While using the website, users will get a pop up prompting them to add the PWA icon of your website to the homescreen. Users won't need to rely on any App store to get your Progressive Web App.
  • Secured: PWA functions on HTTPS only. This factor makes the content present on your community considerably more secure and guarded.
  • Going Offline: No matter if you have poor connection or no connection at all, You will still be able to access the content which has already be loaded on your PWA.
  • Synchronize With Website: Each PWA is synchronized with the related website. Any update on website will be automatically updated on the PWA as well. Thus, Users don’t have to get the update by going to any app store.
  • Increase User Engagement with Push Notifications: PWA helps in increasing user engagement with web push notifications.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Utilizing PWA mode of a website upgrades the experience of users to another level! It likewise builds user engagement.

For detailed description of this plugin, and to get it for your Community, please visit the main plugin page: 

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