Dedicated QA Service

We love defects, and we make sure we catch them all before the website is handed over to our customers! provides QA software testing services to validate different functions of your website managed in top-notch testing labs.

Price: $399


Looking for a Reliable Software Testing Team?

This service ensures proper testing via testing teams of the websites before it goes live. They check for responsiveness, compatibility, detect errors in coding, look for any bugs in functionality, and many more. They dedicatedly work on the websites to identify the areas that need fixing, making the end delivery extremely quality-based and user experience-centric.


Key Features

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Increase Product Quality

In-depth testing is essential for any digital project to succeed. Make quality the first business priority with us. We make sure that no bug spoils user experience or affects business metrics.

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Achieve Faster Time-to-Market

Decrease downtime and reduce testing time when outsourcing your QA process. Our proven testing practices allow us to address issues and meet goals more efficiently.

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Organized QA Approach

The organized QA approach will help your development teams to build the process faster and fix the reported critical issues as per the priority correctly.

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Flexible Approach

A team of dedicated qualified Quality Assurance Engineers holds the capability to adapt and make it function in a balanced team.

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Client Interaction

You can hire Quality Test Engineers that would be responsibe to set up a transparent client environment for streamlining work management.

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Streamline QA Process

From examining your QA process to detecting the bottlenecks, our experts design an action plan to cover all aspects of SDLC.


What A Dedicated QA Team Can Deliver to You?

Fully-Oriented Team Control

We provide regular team access and interaction via various tools such as PM, audio calls, face-to-face communication, etc.


Knowledge Sharing

On the basis of active projects, the dedicated QA team expands its know-how to proficiently operate the internal team.


Fully Dedicated Procedures

The designated team at exclusively works on assigned projects maintaining a deeper focus on business goals.


Quality Assessment

Count us as a trusted software testing consultancy that will audit your software application based on functionality, code quality, performance, etc.


Benefits of Working with our Dedicated Team


Scale your Testing Capacity

Our job is to launch, support, and manage the best QA teams to make your product flawles and make sure that the task is handled efficiently.


Best-In-Industry Skills

Our team is highly skilled and performs quality assessments, taking into consideration your specific business model and requirements.


Same Time Zone Alignment

We will make sure that our team matches your team zone so that the communication gaps can be successfully avoided.


Quality Engineering

Our quality engineering service makes sure testing works with the purpose of maintaining maximum test coverage and software quality.


Fully-Oriented Team Control

We provide regular team access and interaction via various tools such as PM, audio calls, face-to-face communication, etc.


Test Summary Reports

After execution, our team prepares test reports giving you a clear idea of all the issues identified during the process along with suitable recommendations.


Why Choose Us?

Below statistics can help your decision easy in chossing us.


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Below are the types of testing that would be covered in this service.

Functionality Testing

This step considers the specified behavior/ default functionality of all the modules installed on your website. Our testers are skilled in verifying the functionality of different modules and SocialEngine as a whole. Functional testing usually describes what the system does based on what it should do.

Areas Covered Under Functional Testing:

  • SocialEngine Core Platform
  •'s Plugins
  •’s Theme

Responsive Testing

In this type of testing, we test that your website should look good irrespective of the screen sizes ie. it should work the same as in mobile as well as for website. We test your website on android as well as iOS devices as well.

Cross Browser Testing

Cross-browser testing involves comparing and analyzing the behavior of your website in different browser environments. It helps ensure that your website delivers an optimal user experience, independent of the browser used to access it. We test the website in Safari, Firefox, Chrome.

UI/ UX Testing

UI/ UX Testing is a testing method for measuring how easy and user-friendly a software application is. We make sure that we can provide the best UI experience to your users.

End to End Testing

End-to-end testing is a technique that tests the software’s workflow from beginning to end to make sure everything functions as expected.

Performance Testing

This determines how your application will react to a load with a specified number of visitors. Our testers can professionally perform performance testing, analyze your website’s speed using appropriate tools, and will even provide you recommendations for every issue with the performance of your website.

Areas Covered Under Performance Testing:

  • Page Speed Testing
  • Page Load & Stress Testing
  • Recommendations for every problem

Security Testing

The main goal of Security Testing is to identify the threats in the system and measure its potential vulnerabilities, so the threats can be encountered and the system does not stop functioning or can not be exploited.

Integration Testing

Integration testing ensures a seamless workflow across all the modules running on your site. Our testers analyze the compatibility of different modules or plugins and themes running on your website with each other as well as the SocialEngine core platform running on your website and provide suggestions to fix these issues.

Areas Covered Under Integration Testing:

  • Seamless workflow among Plugins ( as well as 3rd party plugins)
  • Compatibility of all Plugins with SocialEngine Core Platform
  • Compatibility of your theme & design with the rest of the modules and core platform
  • Recommendations for issues

Any query still left to answered, please feel free to contact us.