Video on Demand - Fast & Adaptive Video Playing

Enables your website to loads videos on-demand basis and specific to the device sizes avoiding unnecessary loading of all the videos on initial page load. Speed-up your website page loading and improves overall website performance.

Price: $499

Normally, videos start loading with the initial page loading in SocialEngine based websites while Video On Demand Service allows you to avoid this unnecessary loading of videos which are not played or accessed by a user. It also allows the users to view the video specific to their device, which saves their time and bandwidth data. This would result in an increased overall website speed followed by better SEO and improved user-experience.

The videos on your website can be accessed by your users at any time on any device whether they are using a web browser, smartphone, tablet, or smart TV. Videos will load adaptively according to that particular screen size and regardless of the device being used, your viewers will experience a broadcast-quality video with fast loading each time they play videos.


Why Should You Opt For Video On Demand Service?

    • Faster Page Speed: Webpages are loaded fast as loading of unnecessary videos is avoided
    • Supports All Formats: Videos of all formats like mp4, flv etc., are supported
    • Optimizes Your Mobile Apps: Not only desktop site loads faster, but your mobile apps too become quicker
    • Preserves Video Quality: Videos are loaded faster but there is not any degradation in their quality
    • Improved SEO Ranking: Faster webpages leads to improved SEO ranking
    • Great User Experience: Faster webpages & videos provide great user experience


Benefits You Will Get

branding Features

Happy & More Users

Fast video streaming through Video on Demand will result in more engaged users on your SocialEngine Websites.

Move Upper In Search Results

Weak Connectivity - No longer An Issue

Reduced User Bounce Rate


Details Required

We will require the below credentials from you to proceed with the configuration of Video On Demand setup on your website. Please send these to us via a Support Ticket from your Client Area after purchasing this service:

  • Your Website Details
    • URL
    • Admin Email
    • Admin Password


  • Advanced Videos / Channels / Playlists Plugin: This plugin must be enabled on your website in order to successfully run this service on the website. Our Video On Demand Script is designed to work in integration with this plugin.
  • It would take us 7 working days to configure this service for your website.

For more information on our service offerings, contact us

Will this feature work for all the videos on my site?

No, only the videos which are uploaded using "My Computer" option will be played on demand basis. Other videos will play normally with initial page load.

Will this feature work for newly uploaded videos or for existing videos?

As the videos are processed at the time of their storage, so, the service will work for only newly uploaded videos.

Will this Video On Demand feature work with all the plugins on my site?

No, the Video On Demand feature will work for videos uploaded by Advanced Videos / Channels / Playlists Plugin only. The feature will not work with videos uploaded or played by other plugins on your site.

I want Video On Demand feature to work with all plugins of my website?

Yes, this is possible by code customization to make this feature working with other plugins of your website. You may contact us with your requirements.

I want to know more about this service offerings? Can you help me?

If you need more information or have any query, please contact us.