Ning to SocialEngine Migration
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Unable to import your content from Ning, then please purchase our “Ning to SocialEngine Migration” service. We will be happy to help you out in migrating your content safely from Ning to SE and setting up your website.

Price: $9

Thinking of switching your website from Ning to SE? If yes, then here are some quick steps to do this using the Ning Import tool provided in SocialEngine PHP:

Quick note before you start: This Ning Import tool is designed to migrate content provided by Ning's Archive Tool into SocialEngine PHP and requires a fresh install of SocialEngine PHP

- Firstly, download the content of your Ning network using the Ning Archive Tool [click here to know about "How to archive your Ning Network’s content".]

Now, go to the Admin >> “Manage Packages” >> “Import Tools” >> “Ning Import” section on your SocialEngine PHP website and follow the instructions provided on that page.

Then, click on “Start Import” button to start the import process. Once that’s completed, you’re done. 

However, if you are unable to import your content using this tool and need our help, then you can purchase our “Ning to SocialEngine Migration” service. We will be happy to help you in migrating your network’s content safely from Ning to SocialEngine PHP and setting up your website.

To proceed further with the migration process, we will be needing the archived file that you would have downloaded from Ning. After completion of your payment, please initiate a Support Ticket from your Client Area and send us the following information of your website:

1) Archived file of your Ning data
2) Site Admin details:
- Email
- Password
3) Site FTP details:
- Host
- Username
- Password